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Dr. Daniel Yazbek

Founder and Owner of Chiro Hub

About Daniel Yazbek

Dr. Daniel Yazbek is the founder and owner of Chiro Hub.

Dr. Yazbek is a chiropractic neurologist and has been practising for the past 6 years. His clinical application in everyday practice concerns the diagnosis, treatment and management of neuromusculoskeletal and spinal-related disorders. He ensures that every  treatment decision surrounding a patient’s health encompasses sound clinical reasoning and an ethical, all-round evidence-informed approach.

He completed an undergraduate degree in Exercise & Sport Science in 2012 and a Masters in Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University in 2015. His unique special interests are within functional immunology, clinical and functional neuroscience, motor control & learning, sports and exercise medicine as well as general, integrative & lifestyle medicine.

He recently completed further studies to become a Diplomat of Chiropractic Neurology with The Carrick Institute and is registered with the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology. He is currently undertaking Practitioner Certification with the Institute for  Functional Medicine, which will complete the circle of knowledge necessary to address his patients’ needs from all angles.  These courses are considered ‘gold standard’ in their respective fields and he is excited to be able to incorporate this expertise into his practice.

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