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The Contraceptive Pill – How much do you really know?

28 August 2020
How does taking the contraceptive pill relate to my reason for seeking treatment at The Chiro Hub? It would seem quite peculiar if I decided to delve into your gynaecological history and question whether you had previously been prescribed, or are currently on, the contraceptive pill. Over the past few years, I have come to […]

The Nucalm before the storm

21 August 2020
NUCALM is the NEW CALM In keeping with our perpetual goal of bringing you the latest advancements in therapeutic strategies to elicit the most from your visits to The Chiro Hub, we have been avidly testing the latest addition to our collective line-up in the form of a brilliantly invented device called NuCalm. NuCalm is […]

Photobiomodulation - light working wonders!

Prior to opening The Chiro Hub in 2018, we had a truly clear, strong, and distinct vision to provide an integrated and complete systems approach to medicine, health, and wellness. Once again, we are proud to announce the launch of an advanced technology in the form of 2 x 900 + 900 infrared-light emitting diode […]

Coronavirus: immune support strategies

15 March 2020
It's been a serious time for reflection for many of us during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our world has literally been turned upside down as our health system and economy reels from the necessary measures taken to contain the virus and ensure our safety. Let's rethink how we can work around this crisis, for the betterment of all. […]