I have been seeing Dr. Yazbek for whiplash injuries suffered in the past. Previous chiropractors had a very simplified approach to such a complex chronic condition that was not being treated successfully. However, Dr. Yazbek provided a personalized practical treatment plan involving the spine, brain, eye and balance systems of the inner ear. Neck pain and dizziness have improved significantly.

Nomiki Monica H

After suffering from nausea, unsteadiness and food sensitivities, I was told by many doctors that it was simply due to lactose intolerance. Dr. Yazbek assessed different functional areas of my brain and provided me with neuro-rehabilitation focussed strategies alongside the provision of key nutrients, minimization of reactive foods and metabolic support. This made a huge difference to my symptoms.

Rhys Choake

I consulted with Dr. Yazbek for an in-depth consultation and examination regarding my congenital brain abnormality. To my surprise, the multiple strokes have affected other brain areas, more than the congenital condition itself. Dr. Yazbek formulated a treatment plan that addressed the post-stroke neurological consequences of my brain and general health. I am now functioning at a higher level.

Adam Bruce

I have had thyroid symptoms for the past 3 years however was advised by my GP that all my thyroid markers were normal. Consequently, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Dr. Yazbek clearly explained that thyroid markers within range does not equate to how my body was responding to thyroid hormone itself. Dr. Yazbek took a holistic approach to my health and I was able to improve my energy levels and overall functioning.

Ady S

Prior to low back surgery, Dr. Yazbek evaluated the function of my nerves, from the spine all the way down to my feet. Dr. Yazbek administered highly advanced technology in his clinic to conclude that 2 nerves in my right lower leg were affected. He used this information pre and post-surgery to guide recovery and function. I am extremely grateful!

Donna Gonsalves

What makes Dr. Yazbek different amongst his colleagues is the invested time and training in chiropractic neurology and functional medicine. Being a pioneer in his field, Dr. Yazbek’s ability to assess, interpret, conglomerate findings and formulate a patient treatment plan is second to none. He is truly remarkable at connecting the dots and finding the best solution for you!

Nick Evans