Our Team

Dr Daniel Yazbek

Dr Daniel Yazbek is the founder and owner of The Chiro Hub


Dr. Yazbek is a certified Chiropractic Diplomate with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, holds a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University, with an undergraduate degree in exercise science as well as post-graduate credentials from the Institute for Functional Medicine. He has been the proprietor of The Chiro Hub for the past 6 years. His clinical application in everyday practice extends far beyond the conventional scope of Chiropractic care. Whilst continuing to acknowledge and practice within the manual therapy paradigm in the care of his patients, Dr. Yazbek places special emphasis on the integral relationship between the spine, brain, balance and visual systems and how they may be impacted by dysregulation in neurological, gut-immune, hormonal, detoxification, metabolic and cardio-respiratory domains of the human body.


Dr. Yazbek ensures all working efforts are geared towards optimising a patient’s internal and external environment, that relates to both biomechanical and biochemical processes, in order to induce cellular recovery, adaptation and positive plasticity. Whether this be achieved by modifying diet, lifestyle and nutrition, co-managing pharmaceutical based interventions, therapeutic supplementation through the administration of botanicals, nutraceuticals and/or the prescription of neuro-rehabilitative exercise strategies. In doing so, this summative approach to health is one whereby there is a higher probability in gaining longer lasting effects and realising the patient’s highest potential for successful outcomes.

Katherine Tomaras

Katherine, with a background in Exercise Science and health, works closely in an assistive and administration capacity with Dr Yazbek, with great respect for his innovative approach. This role, whilst providing an invaluable, rich learning environment, allows her to support the foundations of his practice and ensure that patients have exceptional outcomes and experiences under his care.

Our Approach

Prior to your first visit, our principal chiropractor will have an in depth phone conversation regarding your current and previous medical history and/or diagnoses. All relevant previous diagnostic imaging, reports and laboratory studies are then submitted for review. This provides all the necessary information for Dr. Yazbek to determine the most efficient, thorough and productive initial consultation possible for you. In addition, you will be sent specific intake forms and questionnaires to be completed and sent to Dr. Yazbek prior to your consultation.


After your initial consultation, Dr. Yazbek will synthesize all the examination findings and provide a treatment plan that is personalised for you. Depending on the complexity of your case, a treatment will be provided on the day of the initial consultation. In some cases the treatment will be administered on the follow-up visit.

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