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    The Chiro Hub

    Offering a personalized and integrative approach to spine, brain, neurological and complex chronic conditions.


    Our principal chiropractor utilizes state of the art diagnostic equipment to uncover the complexities and provide insight into the cause of your problem, such that we can amalgamate the most desired personal treatment approach for you.

    “The next frontier of healthcare is brain health.”


    Given that the mainstream approach to healthcare can often be one-size-fits-all, we believe that optimal health outcomes can only be achieved  by a thorough examination process. Based on the results of your extensive evaluation, our principal chiropractor will formulate a treatment program that is specific to your needs.


    Our clinic prides itself on being able to offer services with highly regarded expertise in clinical neuroscience and functional medicine, which is why Dr Yazbek is considered by many to be the best chiropractor in Sydney. Patients can be assured that Dr Yazbek has their best interest in mind when he combines his expertise in all areas to procure a better, targeted treatment than would otherwise be received in a standard chiropractic model. Appointments are available early morning, lunchtime and late afternoon and we are open on Saturdays.


    Call (02) 93172288 to find out if The Chiro Hub is the right place for you.


    We pride ourselves in our unique ability to connect the dots for the most complex patients and we invite you to book your free 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Yazbek to discuss your case.