Stop Guessing and Start Assessing: The Golf Swing

05 August 2019
Attention golfers! We are excited to offer you a full biomechanical analysis of your golf swing!

We have performed an extensive literature search on golf swing biomechanics. Out of all the 200 papers reviewed, we have determined the most useful biomechanical parameters that we can objectify in the clinic! Yes that's right! We can provide you with feedback to determine how your movement parameters drive (pun not intended) your performance outcomes.

You can expect to receive a record of your visual data along with objective results emailed to you. This information can then be utilised by your golf coach to better your performance. What's more important is the ability to use motor control and learning concepts in driving a new movement behaviour based on these objective results.

Below is some captured video data of one of the many clients we assessed at The Chiro Hub displaying some of the various views for which we provide a detailed analysis.

We are offering a complete breakdown of your golf biomechanics like no other for our introductory offer of only $99. 

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