BACK-teria (bacteria) and Low Back Pain - How do we Detect and treat? Part 3

Following on from Part 2 where we discussed P.acnes as a possible source of inflammation generating  low back pain, we will now look at options with regards to detection and treatment. Firstly, we must understand that there is no easily accessible test to determine whether Type 1 Modic changes on MRI are due to an […]

BACK-TERIA (bacteria) and low back pain - What's the Link? Part 2

So what active biological process is causing an ongoing low grade inflammation around the intervertebral disc? Believe it or not, the culprit behind all this may be a chronic bacterial infection – Proprionicbacterium acnes, which is found on the surface of the skin and within the oral cavity. But how would the bacteria find their […]

BACK-TERIA (bacteria) and low back pain - What's the Link? Part 1

In every day practice, there will always be a small proportion of patients who simply don’t respond to manual therapy (chiropractic and physiotherapy). There are many reasons for this. These may include: central sensitization a distorted body schema altered motor-sensory integration limbic vigilance and conditioned behaviours I use many questionnaires, inventories and forms along with […]