Watering the Grass: Rest - Build - Strengthen

By Jason Silvernail DPT Many people seem frustrated that their pain has lasted so long, past the normal body healing time. Often, this is ‘mechanical pain’ and is related to sensitivity of your nervous system to physical stress. Understanding how to help your nerve tissue recover and tolerate physical stress/load again is a lot like […]

The Three Stages of Recovery

11 April 2019
Ever stubbed your toe? Bumped your funny bone? Twisted your ankle? If so, then you know all about the stages of recovery from pain. Below is an outstanding article by Jason Silvernail, DPT. Read along, and keep your last injury in mind for comparison. When you experience pain, your nervous system goes through three separate […]


What is Dermoneuromodulation? Dermoneuromodulation (DNM), in a literal sense, refers to skin/nervous system/change. It is a system of techniques developed by Diane Jacobs, a physiotherapist who recognised the need to begin ‘treating the body as if the nervous system really mattered’. She explains it as 'a structured, interactive approach to manual therapy that considers the […]