Doc, The Sky is Falling!

26 October 2019
Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among adults and a significant public health issue. In 2009, 2.2 million nonfatal fall injuries occurred among older adults in Australia that required treatment in emergency departments and more than 581,000 of these patients were hospitalized. In the same year, over 19,000 older adults died from […]

Leg Length Inequality: Does it Matter?

17 September 2019
One of the most common questions in practice regarding a patient’s anatomy is “do you think that having one longer leg is the cause of my back pain”? This is a fair question and unfortunately there is no black and white answer. Many other chiropractors have a fascination and obsession with the measurement and documentation […]

Noisy knees: Should I be concerned?

29 August 2019
A frequently asked question in everyday practice is whether the sound produced by knees is something to be concerned about. There are different frequencies of sounds that are emitted from the knee, such as being clicky, clunky, catching or locking. Do you walk upstairs and hear a symphony of clicking noises coming from your knees? […]

"My disc is bulging, please put it back in Doc!"

“My disc is bulging out, please put it back in Doc!” must be one of the most over-utilised statements in everyday practice at every chiropractic clinic! After all, when it comes to the treatment and management of spine related disorders, chiropractors are positioned at the top of the hierarchy, just below spine surgeons. The metaphor […]

Stop Guessing and Start Assessing: The Golf Swing

05 August 2019
Attention golfers! We are excited to offer you a full biomechanical analysis of your golf swing! We have performed an extensive literature search on golf swing biomechanics. Out of all the 200 papers reviewed, we have determined the most useful biomechanical parameters that we can objectify in the clinic! Yes that's right! We can provide […]

Stop Guessing and Start Assessing: The Deadlift

25 July 2019
HAVE YOU EVER HAD A FULL, IN-DEPTH BIOMECHANICAL ANALYSIS OF YOUR DEADLIFT? Whether you are consciously aware or not, performing a deadlift in a gym setting closely resembles the biomechanical and physiological demands that are placed upon our bodies during every day life. Essentially, the deadlift is a hip hinge and is involved in many […]

Stop guessing and start assessing: The Squat

18 July 2019
HAVE YOU EVER HAD A FULL, IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF YOUR SQUAT? We are excited to offer a full biomechanical screening assessment like no other! Many daily movements require us to assume a squat position. The other alternate movement is the hip hinge. It is imperative to be able to perform a squat and hinge to […]

The Ghost in the Machine

Imagine just for one day, we swap professional roles. I am the client and you are the chiropractor... I come to you with a problem. I have low back pain. You perform an extensive examination on me and come to the unfortunate realization that you were not able to reproduce ANY of my symptoms of […]